The Callisto Protocol reveals terrible season pass details

The greed of the gaming industry is well documented. And should no longer surprise anyone who has ever even looked behind the veil a bit at how games are these days. Microtransactions, gambling mechanics, battle passes, live services, and so much more goes into making sure a game is profitable. And still, the industry always finds a way to shock and disappoint me. The Calisto Protocol, a game I have been so hyped about since it’s released, has announced their Season Pass. It was a master class on how to kill hype for your game.

According to the updated Steam page, here are four parts of the season pass. Two of them include a story DLC and a skin pack, but the ones to note are the Riot Bundle and the Contagion Bundle. Contagion is basically hard mode and Riot is a survival mode, but each of them have death animations locked with them. In total, 25 death animations are locked behind these modes that are locked behind the Season Pass. I’m sure in time they’ll be purchasable separately, but in the end you’re still paying for something as basic as death animations in a gory horror game. Were it only those modes, fine. No big deal. But since when was it okay to hide whole animations behind a paywall?

In the brief time this news has broken, feedback has been as angry as you’d expect. From people vowing to pass on the game and others preparing angry letters, this will not go down as a popular decision. If this also changes your mind on whether you’re buying this game, I wouldn’t blame you. We can only hope they reconsider this incredibly dumb decision, but time will tell.

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