Tekken Boss Harada debunks accusations of racism in Tekken 8 roster

The Tekken franchise has consistently stood out for its diverse cast, encompassing characters of various ethnicities, races, and nationalities—a defining feature of the brand. While it has been a cornerstone, some believe there is room for improvement in this aspect. Acknowledging the importance of representation is crucial, and it’s equally vital to recognize and celebrate the strides made towards inclusivity.

Today, a Twitter user criticized the upcoming Tekken 8, citing a “lack of diversity” and emphasizing the absence of Eddy Gordo from the main roster. This led the user to claim a concerted effort to erase black and dark-skinned characters from the game. In response, Harada took to Twitter to not only refute this claim but also to debunk the notion in its entirety.

The accusations leveled against the development team, claiming racism, lack merit. Harada delved into the intricate details of creating LeeRoy Smith in Tekken 7, emphasizing the excitement surrounding the realization of this character. Not to mention, Raven, another dark-skinned black character, is set to make his return in Tekken 8. Both characters have garnered positive reception from fans and critics alike. While acknowledging the existence of some racist and ignorant individuals in the Japanese gaming industry, it’s important not to lump Harada in with them. Unlike YoshiP, who stumbled in justifying the absence of black characters in FFXVI, Harada takes pride in fostering inclusivity, a quality deserving of commendation. Given that Tekken would likely sell just as well without black characters, Harada’s dedication to inclusivity stands out, and I hope this commitment persists in future installments. It’s essential to engage in constructive dialogue about representation while ensuring accurate and fair assessments of the efforts made by the Tekken franchise.

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