Street Fighter V August & September Update Breakdown

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The new CapcomUnity blog just posted details on the next two updates for Street Fighter V. Sadly the August update only entails a stricter pentalty for Rage Quitters:

We will make a second update to the existing Rage Quitting system with stricter guidelines for players who disconnect before the match is over. Players who are penalized will lose League Points and be locked out of online matching for a set time. The update will be implemented after the maintenance on 8/16.

Definitely hoping that this new system helps to decrease the amount of rage quitters online. Its become an epidemic online. The big news would be the somewhat large update coming in September. Unfortunately there were no details regarding the release of Urien.

SEPTEMBER UPDATE PREVIEW: We have another big update containing new features in the pipeline for next month, so we wanted to give you a sneak preview of all the cool things to come in September!

Double FM Event
Double Fight Money is happening! We appreciate your support for Street Fighter V, so we’re giving you the chance to double your FM earnings in Ranked Match! We will hold our first Double FM Event on the weekend of September 2-4th. Please stay tuned for more details!

Additional Features The next September update will include:
•VS CPU Option

•Daily Targets
◦Daily challenges with Fight Money rewards!

•Fighter Profile Updates!

•Free colors for Season Pass holders
◦Colors 3-10 for Default and Battle costumes of the 6 DLC characters
•Premium costumes will now include colors!
◦Colors 3-10 of the purchased premium costume
•Color bundles available for purchase via FM or Real Money
◦All 22 Characters’ Default & Story Costumes Color Pack 3-10

Here’s hoping a Urien trailer comes out soon!

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