Street Fighter EX Developer Akira Has The Best April Fools Joke Trailer

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UPDATE: This game is very real. Akira held a small location test featuring Fighting game pro Kazunoko. Check out the 2-hour long live stream below:

Original Story:
Hands down this is by far the most elaborate April Fools joke trailer I’ve ever cared about. Akira developed Capcom‘s foray into 3D with Street Fighter EX which was a cult classic but wasn’t much on competitive play. It’s still one of my favorite fighting games ever. It was a colorful and interesting array of characters, gameplay design and music. So to my dismay to find a trailer for a joke game from Akira has upset me so very much. Akira still owns the rights to all their original characters that were made for the EX series. Sadly this trailer has only deepened the hurt left by them. Still, this is an incredible trailer if only for a few laughs and giggles. Take a look below.

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