Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remaster Announced

After how poorly Star Ocean: Convoluted Name was received, I’m a little surprised that Square Enix would make this move. But, here we are with Star Ocean: The Last Hope being remastered to have 4K and full HD support. Now, it wasn’t my favorite Star Ocean, but it was a damn good looking game and it played well too. Now those who missed out on it during the last gen have a chance to play the prettied up version.
I only wonder if they’ll use the International edition. It’d make sense. Just be prepared for one of the most anime RPGs with some of the most comical English voice work. 
The game is being remastered for both PS4 and PC with full trophy/achievement support as well as share functions. If you’re on PC, it’ll also support full mouse and keyboard support if that’s what you’re into. It will also have different visual settings for PC and the PS4 Pro.
No word on a Western release, but I’m fairly confident it’ll come. There is no release date so far, but let’s hope it’s soon. For now, here’s the trailer.

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