Soulsborne fans that say Armored Core 6 is too difficult is peak comedy

If you’ve ever crossed paths with a FromSoftware game, you know what you’re in for: a concoction of challenge and artistry that’s hard to find elsewhere. Armored Core 6, the studio’s latest brainchild, has ignited both excitement and apprehension. But here’s the twist – even diehard Soulsborne aficionados are getting a taste of the bitter pill they once dished out.

Gamers who’ve survived the battlefield of Soulsborne games – a moniker that sounds like a superhero duo – can recount tales of grit and glory. FromSoftware’s masterpieces, like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, became synonymous with nail-biting struggles and triumphs that felt like conquering Everest. The battle cry was simple but fierce: “git gud,” a two-word mantra that could either inspire you to rise or send your controller flying.

Somewhere in the midst of all this, the debate flared up: Should Soulsborne titles include an “easy mode”? The question sparked heated exchanges between players who hailed the baptism by fire and those who wanted a gentler initiation. “Git gud” became more than just words – it was an emblem of dedication.

But the gaming scene has an ironic sense of humor. Enter Armored Core 6, a mix of mechanized combat and skill that’s been tossed into the ring. Here’s the curveball – there’s no traditional difficulty setting. Instead, it’s a one-size-fits-all ordeal, a challenge that’s turning even the most weathered veterans into rookies.

This twist has triggered a chorus of opinions among Armored Core enthusiasts. Some see it as an evolution, others as an unexpected detour from tradition. The question echoing is: Where’s the middle ground that once gave players the freedom to adjust the challenge according to their taste?

As the story unfolds, even the folks who were known for chanting “git gud” like a battle cry have stumbled upon Armored Core 6’s formidable hurdles. Fans who once basked in the glory of mastering unforgiving games are now penning negative reviews on the official Steam page. The unexpected twist is that they’re on the receiving end of the very advice they once dished out.

[The game has ~18,000 reviews with 3,000 are negative on Steam]

In the midst of the whirlwind, my role as a commentator is a mix of amusement and analysis. Armored Core 6 straddles the realms of past and present, inviting both cheers and critiques. The collision of these worlds has brought questions about the balance between a game’s identity and the evolution of its difficulty. Is this a risky leap or a seamless integration?

As Soulsborne enthusiasts brave the world of Armored Core, the discussion around difficulty has gained a fresh perspective. While some thrive on the challenge, others yearn for a more measured approach. With negative reviews cropping up on the official Steam page, the story has taken an unexpected twist, adding layers of complexity to the narrative.

As I observe this unfolding drama, I’m reminded that Armored Core 6’s legacy isn’t just about robots and tactics; it’s a testament to gaming’s power to spark conversations and unite diverse voices. The journey is far from over, and the chatter around difficulty is a reminder that gamers, regardless of their stance, are deeply invested in the pursuit of challenge and the evolution of a beloved franchise.

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