Sony Skips E3, But Sponsors Evo2019?

In a bold move that people were shaken by when it was announced, Sony decided not to attend E3. We all assumed it was because they had nothing worth showing or because they were ramping up to show off the Playstation 5 down the line. It shocked us, but we ultimately got over it. We thought no more of it, enjoyed Keanu Reaves ft. E3, and went on with the show. However, now Sony has made another move that deserves a little attention: they’ve decided to sponsor Evo 2019.

[Editor’s Note: At the time this article was published Sony announced that 100M Playstation 4 consoles had been sold worldwide]

Now, there’s nothing inherently suspicious about this move. At worse, this only means that games that appear on PS4 would be played on PS4. How that affects gameplay is beyond me. But, we do know that Evo might as well be the E3 for fighting games. Many pieces of fighting game news is usually revealed, be it new DLC seasons, new games, new leagues for a franchise, and so on.

It makes it especially curious that Sony will be sponsoring and no doubt attending Evo 2019. They do have quite a stake in Evo since their money is already invested in Street Fighter 5. Despite it’s VERY mixed reception to this day, Street Fighter 5 has shown it has a rather solid player base and large tournament turnouts. So it could be speculated that they’re merely here for the supposed SF5 announcement. Or maybe they’re here for a new game? Maybe Street Fighter 6? Which…I doubt. I don’t see Street Fighter 6 happening until the next generation of consoles is announced and solidified.

Still, what could Sony be doing at EVO? Personally? I’m hoping for some insane Street Fighter 5 announcement like Hyper Street Fighter 5 where they just break the game like they did with Ultra Street Fighter 4’s Omega Mode. But who know’s what Sony’s gonna do? They might even announce PlayStation All-Stars 2! I want to say that such ideas are off the table, but the gaming world these few years have been nothing short of unpredictable. So let’s hear what you all think? What’s Sony going to do this weekend, if anything? Let us know in the comments.

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