Sony Shows Off Their Playstation Car at CES2024

Afeela, born from the innovative partnership of Sony and Honda, takes center stage at CES2024, redefining the electric vehicle landscape. The EV sedan prototype showcased at the event seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology and entertainment, creating an immersive experience. With advanced sensing, AI, and Sony’s 360 Reality Audio, Afeela offers a dynamic driving journey, extending its appeal to gaming enthusiasts with PS5 remote play compatibility.

Noteworthy for its autonomous driving capabilities at both Level 2 and Level 3, Afeela embodies the core themes of autonomy, augmentation, and affinity. This not only ensures enhanced safety but also underscores the brand’s commitment to integrating technology seamlessly into the driving experience. Priced competitively at $45,000, Afeela positions itself as an alluring choice for tech-savvy consumers, rivaling premium automakers.

Anticipated for pre-orders in 2025 and hitting North American roads in 2026. The collaborative expertise of Sony and Honda promises a vehicle that surpasses expectations, setting a new standard for innovation in electric mobility.

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