Silverfox Victor Chevalier Enters Tekken 8

NamcoBandai has just blessed us with a fresh trailer for Tekken 8, introducing the latest addition to the roster: Victor Chevalier. What’s more, this exciting character is voiced by none other than the acclaimed French actor, Vincent Cassel.

Victor brings to the table a unique combination of firepower and futuristic swordsmanship. Armed with a gun and a cybernetic sword, his gameplay showcases teleport cancels and a whole lot of sword and gunplay action. It’s almost like he’s channeling the spirit of Hitman from DNF Duel.

But let’s take a moment to appreciate his design – it’s nothing short of amazing. The character designers have truly outdone themselves, giving Vincent a look that’s sure to stand out in the latest entry of the Tekken series.

So, without further ado, check out the new trailer below and get a sneak peek at what promises to be an exciting addition to the Tekken 8 lineup. Get ready to welcome Victor Chevalier to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 8.

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