Rushdown Review: #TheFlash (2023)

The Flash: A fun romp with notable flaws. While enjoyable, the shadow cast by Ezra Miller’s actions looms large.

[Editor’s Note: We were invited to a private screening of the film for this review]

In “The Flash,” we are once again thrust into the world of Barry Allen, the fast-moving hero who never fails to captivate audiences. While this installment offers plenty of references and fun moments, it falls just short of the multiversal epics we’ve witnessed thus far. Yet, amidst the thrilling adventure, it’s difficult to overlook the troubling acts and erratic behavior of Ezra Miller, which cast a shadow over the overall experience.

Our story finds Barry Allen, already an established hero, engaging in regular chitchats with the Justice League and saving lives as a force for good. However, there is one life he’s desperately determined to save: his father, who stands trial for the murder of his mother. It is during an emotionally charged moment that Flash discovers his newfound ability to manipulate time, leading him to travel back in time, altering not only his future but also reshaping the past with catastrophic consequences.

The plot, though not groundbreaking, treads familiar ground with time travel, paradoxes, and alternate universes. It adheres to the expected cause-and-effect narrative structure. However, this doesn’t mean it lacks enjoyment. Ezra Miller delivers a commendable performance, skillfully embodying both Barry Allen’s present and younger selves. Sasha Calle’s portrayal of Supergirl is decent, while the return of Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne brings a delightful nod to the Tim Burton era, serving as one of the movie’s highlights.

Unfortunately, the reprised roles of Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, and Michael Shannon fall short, primarily due to their limited impact and screen time. The visual presentation is a mixed bag, with some moments resembling AI-generated art that occasionally gives an uncanny appearance to the actors involved, who couldn’t physically be present. Furthermore, the use of deep fakes for deceased actors in cameo appearances, while cute, feels rather peculiar.

However, the elephant in the room remains the unsettling actions of Ezra Miller over the past year. Despite the studio and director’s efforts in creating this movie, it cannot erase or dismiss the controversies surrounding the actor, leaving one baffled by the lack of substantial repercussions.

With all that said, “The Flash” remains an entertaining romp, serving as a delightful diversion and a decent beginning to the summer movie lineup. It falls short of being a standout entry, deserving a solid C+ grade. If curiosity beckons, do give it a watch and share your thoughts with us through our various social media outlets.

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