Rushdown Review: Fallen Legion – Sins of an Empire

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Anthony reviews the newly released Action RPG Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire from indie developer YummyYummyTummy for the PS4.

Review Summary

In Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire, you play as Cecille who is the princess in the kindgom of Fenumia. When her father passes away, it is up to you to build your kingdom back together through the choices you make and the battles you fight. While not the biggest on story, it makes it up with a well crafted battle system and an interesting way of presenting moral choice.
The voice work, while minimal is good, as is the artstyle of hand drawn sprites. While it appears to be a Valkyrie Profile clone, it has enough at its core to set it apart; even if those differences keep it from realizing greatness.

Good combat
Great visuals
Unique and meaningful choices

Not really an RPG
Light on the story
The game is light on communicating its finer details
Guard system could use some tweaking

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