#RumorAlert: Project L Roster Has Leaked

We’ve been waiting impatiently for any news about Project L. We got a few tidbits over the last few months, nothing substantial as of yet including the actual title for the game. It looks like we might have some unexpected news in the way of a leak. An official survey was released and it seems to have revealed some of the characters that will be added to the game. It is uncertain if this is a proposed roster or the final roster. However, this is nice to see what could be in stored for this upcoming fighter. I do want to point out that Ahri is missing from this roster who was originally announced during the game’s reveal. Also, there’s a shocking lack of Ashe on this roster and I find that to be a personal attack at me for not playing Wild Rift that often. But I digress.

Twitter user CaptainDashMatt created an overview of each character’s League of Legends playstyle and proposed how they might be in Project L. Again this is all speculation.

You can check out the video about the leaked roster below before it get’s taken down:

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