Retro Inspired TRPG Little Hearts Releases English Localization

Exciting news for lovers of classic simulation RPGs: the talented individual developer Yugiri has bestowed upon us the English-localized version of “Little Hearts,” a gem currently gracing Steam as of Friday, December 22nd.

A Nostalgic Journey in Pixel Art Wonderland

“Little Hearts” invites you into a fantasy world adorned with 2D dot graphics, channeling the spirit of the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance era. Yet, fear not the complexities of the past—this game seamlessly blends nostalgia with a modern, user-friendly system.

Choose Your Challenge: Normal or Hard Mode

Flex your gaming prowess with the ability to choose your difficulty level. “Normal” and “Hard” modes become available after you’ve dipped your toes into the immersive world of “Little Hearts,” ensuring a tailored challenge based on your experience.

A Tale of Clashing Thoughts and Circumstances

Delve into a narrative where good and evil blur into a nuanced exploration of characters’ motivations. Enemies aren’t merely adversaries to conquer; they have reasons for their fight, adding depth to the storyline. Between the main plotlines, character episodes unfold, unraveling the pasts that shape their present personas.

A Harmonious Symphony: “STEEL PLUS” Soundtrack

To complement the pixelated wonders, “Little Hearts” boasts a soundtrack from the renowned “STEEL PLUS,” the creative minds behind “One Step From Eden” and “Maiden And Spell.” The music seamlessly blends with the game’s graphics, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Embark on this enchanting journey with “Little Hearts” and lose yourself in a world where nostalgia meets contemporary gaming.

Little Hearts is currently on sale for 35% off on Steam.

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