Quan Chi sneaks Into Mortal Kombat 1 along with Peacemaker teaser

Fans of Mortal Kombat X will find Quan Chi’s gameplay hauntingly familiar, as he seems to channel the dark arts reminiscent of his summoner variation from MKX. The Neatherrealm is rife with danger, and Quan Chi thrives in harnessing its power to unleash devastating moves.

One of the standout features in Quan Chi’s arsenal is his ability to summon tentacles from the Neatherrealm. These spectral appendages strike fear into the hearts of opponents, creating openings for deadly combos and leaving them at the mercy of the sorcerer’s malevolent magic.

Quan Chi’s mastery over dark forces extends beyond offense, as he can now make himself invulnerable to projectiles. This strategic defensive maneuver adds a new layer to his gameplay, forcing opponents to think twice before relying on ranged attacks against this formidable sorcerer.

Portals have always been a signature move for Quan Chi, and they make a triumphant return in Mortal Kombat 1. Fans of the MKX version will appreciate the continuation of this iconic move, opening up opportunities for tricky plays and surprise attacks.

Exciting news for the die-hard Quan Chi enthusiasts: the sorcerer will be available for early access on December 14, 2023. Get ready to unleash the Neatherrealm’s power upon your foes and dominate the battlefield with Quan Chi’s dark and mystical abilities.

But that’s not all, Kameo Fighter Khameleon is set to join the roster in January, promising even more excitement for the Mortal Kombat community. As the roster continues to expand, the battles in Mortal Kombat 1 are shaping up to be more intense and diverse than ever before.

Check out the latest trailer below and stick around to the end to see a glimpse of Peacemaker:

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