PSOne Classic’s Debut Line-Up Is Questionable

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I don’t think it would be hyperbole to say that the PSOne Classic is one of the hypest announcements of the year. With Nintendo showing that there is a such thing as quality emulation boxes, the idea of other companies dipping their toes into this nostalgic cash cow was inevitable. Of all the companies, we all should have expected Sony to make some sort of nostalgia box. After all, they have the PlayStation 1. One of the most beloved and influential consoles in gaming today, it would prove to be the foothold Sony needed to become a powerhouse in the gaming landscape. This decorated system, with it’s many IPs at it’s disposal would surely have a collection worthy of praise, yes? Well…not entirely.

Now, we of course have to excuse the omissions of the Spyro and Crash games. They just got some remakes and honestly wouldn’t make too much since to re-re-release them. What are they, Namco Bandai with Dark Souls? However, some of the choices made as well as some other omissions were glaring and confusing. Now, I won’t get on the picks that were outlandish to begin with…though one pick was one I thought would be in this category. I wouldn’t dare ask for The Adventures of Tron Bonne, though having the original Mega Man Legends would have been pretty cool. Tiny Tank would have been sweet, but I doubt many of you even remember that game. But! I will be bitching a bit about what IS here. First, what ISN’T here.

So how in the hell did Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater not make it here? How? Who allowed this? Who let us live without that game? Vagrant Story? Brave Fencer Musashi? Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver? Legend of Dragoon? Gran Turismo? Chrono Cross? Parasite Eve? Tomb Raider? Klonoa: Door to Phantomile? I could go on. And on. AND ON! Some of these games, I’m sure there is some copyrights and such. But consider this: this pseudo-console was only set to have 20 games out of it’s expansive library. That is such a paltry number compared to how many hits this console had. Still, it had to put it’s absolute best foot forward. And they just didn’t seem to.

No, not every game here is a dud. In fact, I would say more than half the games there are pretty damn good. But of even what’s here, it’s hard to wonder what in the world some of these games are doing here. Mr. Driller? Love that game to death. Why is it here? Intelligence Qube; I would’ve thought this game would be way too obscure to make it here, but I was proven wrong. Still, why is it here? Twisted Metal. Why isn’t the second one? Why the first? You give us CoolBoarders 2 but not Twisted Metal 2? I could go through the weird picks but you get the idea. There are choices here that just don’t make sense at all.

I want to be fair though and praise what IS here. Metal Gear Solid? Great game. Not for me, but great. Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, YES! Yeah, the remake is all well and good, but please play this. It’s so good. Revelations: Persona? Would have never guessed this would show up, but well worth the play if you never have before. Final Fantasy VII, well…duh, of course. Why wouldn’t it be here? This thing would tank if it wasn’t. And, my favorite game here, Tekken 3. I used to button mash and do whatever moves I could. I wonder how it would be if I played it now with my big adult brain.

I don’t want you thinking I utterly hate this thing. I think the PSOne Classic will make plenty of people happy. I hope it does. However, I just don’t understand the reasoning behind some of these bizarre choices. To add a little more insult, have you seen the Japanese list?? Maybe you all weren’t aware or as excited, but when I saw this list I felt my heart swell with jealousy. First of all, they have one of my all time favorite PS1 games on it: Armored Core. I love Armored Core. Was it weird and complex and whatever? Maybe. I feel like I spent more time making a mech than fighting with it. Still, good times. VERY good times.

They also have a more varied lineup of RPGs, which isn’t that surprising given the territory. I think it was safe to assume that Japan’s lineup was catered more toward their trends and America/EU’s to their’s. Still, I would have loved to have Gradius Gaiden and Devil Dice. And yes, I’m fully aware that I can probably just import the games, but at the end of the day why even do that when I can get them by other completely legal means that are legal?

As it seems to happen time and time with today’s game market, I was hyped but then I was hurt. Not nearly as hurt as with some other projects like Star Wars Battlefront 2, but still. I would have loved a better line up. But that’s just me. What do you all think of this list? Is YOUR favorite game in it? Did you have a wishlist? Was Gex on it? Let us know in the comments.

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