[Updated] Playstation 4 Users Can’t Download Trails of Cold Steel IV Due To PSN Error

[Update] It has been confirmed that the issue has been resolved. However, there may still be issues with the DLC offered in the deluxe edition.

One of the most exciting things for gamers is finally being able to play a game they’ve waited months or years for to be released. In the digital era, buying games digitally, typically, is not only convenient, but allows you to play the game immediately once it’s released at midnight. Not to mention, pre-orders sometimes come with bonuses, extras or even a price reduction. Many Falcom fans took advantage of all these perks and bought the game digitally while pre-orders were available on PSN.

Unfortunately, those who pre-ordered the deluxe edition of the Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV via PSN can not play the game as of now. It turns out the deluxe edition was the only version available for pre-order. After the countdown ended, many users reported on r/Falcom and that they could not download the game. Many users reported on twitter to NIS America:

Some users were prompted to buy the game again. Others have bought the standard edition and will try to get a refund for the deluxe edition at a later time. There’s no official word from Sony at this time or an ETA of when this would be resolved. Many speculate that the PSN store updating later today will hopefully fix this issue but nothing is concrete. We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

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