Persona 5 Pushed Back…Again!

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Were you one of many who had Valentine Day plans to start your Persona 5 play through and ignore your spouse? Welp, looks like you’ll have to wait a couple months because Persona 5 has been pushed back. Again.

To April 4th, 2017. Yep…

The reasoning is to refine the English audio. They are looking to make sure its more refined for the West release. They have also confirmed that dual audio will be available at launch.

Finally, if you are fortunate enough to be going to the PlayStation Experience, it will be playable there. It’s a bummer, but at least the reason is solid. You can read more on the official statement from the Atlus development team in the link below. Don’t worry guys. I’m sure it’ll be worth it. I know it.

Besides, now you can focus on other games and that loved one.

Source: Persona Central & Playstation Blog

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