Nintendo (Finally) Reveals The Nintendo Switch

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One of gaming’s biggest recent mysteries was about Nintendo‘s latest console. The rumor mill ran deep with all sorts of concepts of controllers, speculation of specs, and various other things. Now, we can see it for ourselves and boy…what a reveal.

I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed by what I saw. The hybrid console looks ambitious and seems to have grown from simple gimmicks to creating what could be one of the most creative console concepts ever. It does leave some questions, of course. Is it backwards compatible? Splatoon footage would suggest as such. How much third party support will it have? It looked to have 2K playing during a portion, meaning Nintendo is FINALLY understanding the importance of 3rd party support.

My final question…DIDN’T MARIO AND MARK OF THE WILD LOOK AWESOME?? Let us know what you guys think. Are you hype? I am. What questions or concerns do you all have?

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