Legend of Heroes: Kuro No Kiseki Revealed in the Latest Issue of Famitsu

Nihon Falcom has been already hard at work on the next installment in the cult-following series The Legend of Heroes. We got a lot of new information about the new title in this latest issue. The Legend of Heroes: Kuro No Kiseki takes place after the events of Hajimari No Kiseki which was released last August in Japan. This brand new arc will focus on three new heroes in the Republic of Calvard. (7th Calendar 1208) Development for Kuro No Kiseki started right after Sen No Kiseki IV was finished and was developed alongside Hajimari No Kiseki.

The Neverending Story

Our new trio work as Spriggan, a secret underground mercenary-type jobs in Calvard that employs bounty hunters, negotiators, private detectives, etc. This game will also explore the origin of former Calvard President Samuel Rocksmith. The final chapter in Hajimari No Kiseki titled “Beyond the Reverie” will act as a prologue for this title. This game will have a definitive ending, but may have more sequels if it sales well. The protagonist will be more mature than previous games and thus the Bonding events will change as well.

A New Path to Trails

Kuro No Kiseki will use a brand new engine and many new changes to the battle system, bonding events while adding new systems:

Battle System Changes
– Seamless transition from exploration to battle
– No more Combat Links and Brave Orders
– New Orbment system Xipha replacing ARCUS
– Arts and Crafts will remain the same
– Battle pace will be much faster
– The combat will be similar to Final Fantasy VII Remake but less complex
– More action elements and realtime command inputs
– You’ll be able to switch to traditional Command battle

Something New on the Horizon

A few more tidbits to the game will be the new system Alignment Frame. This will influence the game based on choices that fall under Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic. This however will not affect the main scenario nor trigger specific events. Your alignment will carry over to your new game plus. Also, the Topics system will help trigger conversations with NPCs and buy/sell items. Also, the new engine will have better animations, motions and character models. The character roster is will be significantly reduced, but enemy types will be increased.

[New Engine Preview from Hajimari No Kiseki]

Kuro No Kiseki will be released sometime in 2021 on Playstation 4. Other platforms yet to be announced.

[Key Art from Famitsu]
Sources: KiraG, Guan, Ryokutya

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