Ladies of the FGC Are Doing It For Themselves in 2019

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In 2019, the year our Lady, Morrigan Aensland, we will see some major strides for women in the Fighting Game Community. For the most part, the FGC has been a boy’s club. Though things are starting to shift (slightly), there’s a low population of women who participate in/attend events in the FGC. For the myriad of reasons why that is, there’s a group of women who have decided to make a valiant effort to change that this year. Here are two that are making a difference for women in the FGC.

XOAcademy, a new 4-week training project founded by media maven Samantha ‘Persia’ Hancock, aims to help female players get training and mentorship by community experts in not only playing fighting games but other fields within the FGC too. If you’ve wanted to improve your skills in Street Fighter V or Dragonball FighterZ, EchoFox’s Dekillsage and Street Fighter alum Dieminion got you covered. If you want to improve your streaming and content creation skills, Core-A Gaming‘s Gerald Lee will be an advisor. Also, they’ve created a ‘Special Skills’ team including legendary cosplayer Linda ‘Vampy’ Le for of course cosplaying, the incomparable James Chen for commentating, and Carolyn Dao for Marketing & Branding.

Not to mention two very important and underrepresented skills needed in the FGC are media training and physical therapy. A lot of notable players have no idea what to do or say in front of a camera or when being interviewed. Thankfully Amanda Stevens will be helping our ladies with that. While Cait McGee will be showing the importance of proper physical therapy as it relates to playing fighting games. Having correct posture, hand placement and overall ergonomics will help alleviate injuries that can occur from extended gameplay including carpal tunnel syndrome. You can sign up here if want to be a part of this amazing project.

XO Academy ⭐ on Twitter

ICYMI! Our first two players of the the XO Academy are @RomanovaNRS & @_p_chann! Catch these two at #FinalRound2019 for some #DBFZ and #SFV action! Also, very special shoutout to our amazing coaches for Wave One – @dekillsage & @Di3mini0n! (Wave Two is in the works, stay tuned!)

ComboQueens is group of women in the FGC who wanted to connect with other women and create a sisterhood within the community. This year they plan to offer training sessions and coaching at their meetups  throughout the year. More information will be coming in the next few weeks:

Combo Queens on Twitter

This year (2019) we will start implementing training session opportunities at our meetups, including having designated women coaches in different gaming communities within the FGC for outside of the meetups. It’s time for the women of the FGC to hone their talents & rise up! 😁

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