Kolin Day-1 Tech Videos

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Last night, Kolin became playable for Street Fighter V. I took the opportunity to uncover some tech both interesting and useful. Take a look a few videos I made.

It seems Kolin can OTG her V-Trigger. Even if the person quick rises, it still provides a good amount of pressure for further setups and mixups.
Kolin’s V-Trigger utility is really good in conjunction with her V-Skill and Critical Art. I used Cammy’s Wake Up CA as an example.

Chunli’s Ex-Spinning Bird is a really good wake-up Invincible Reversal option. With Kolin’s whiff V-Skill, we can get a Crush Counter punish from a throw setup.
Find out how unconventional Kolin’s counters are when you have to use a High counter for Spiral Arrow?

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