Kim Kaphwan just wants to kick it in KOFXV

SNK just released the trailer for Kim Kaphwan in The King of FIghters XV. Kim has just about all the signature moves you would expect from him. He has some new-ish command normals and a few new special moves shown off in the trailer. Aside from the great combo potential and mechanics, Kim’s pants look drastically improved since KOFXIV. It’s become somewhat of meme at how well animated Kim’s pants have been in previous installments. However KOFXIV was a huge downgrade. But it would seem they finally found a way to make his pants work in 3D. And his signature Phoenix Flattener has the firebird fire effect at the end. Kim looks like he will be a lot of fun as usual.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a solid release date for him aside from Spring 2023. Check out his gameplay trailer below:

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