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Have you finished up Ghost of Tsushima? Running out of games to play because the AAA market is in shambles? Well, have I got a handful of indies for you! Some of these games aren’t out yet, but will be out within the month. Others are out now and can be checked out once you’re done reading. It’s been a while since I sank my hands into the indie space. There’s plenty to choose from but here are 5 that I think need a little bit more shine.


Developer: MassCreationGames

Release: August 28

Platform: PC, XB1, PS4, Switch

On the surface, it’s another action hack n’ slash: very flashy and very pretty. However, this game claims to have “the most immersive and exciting beat ’em up combat system ever.” So you can see why I’m intrigued. It plays like a twin-stick game; one stick for movement with the other for attacks. That seems like an odd choice for controls, but not exactly bad. You can also play couch or online co-op, which may be the best way to play. I mean, look at the combos they’re doing. Single-player may be fun, but co-op juggling enemies? I’d be down to play that. Especially if their netcode is good. I hope this game catches on and is as good as they’re claiming.

No Straight Roads (NSR)

Developer: Metronomik

Release: August 25

Platform: PC, XB1, PS4, Switch

I’ll admit that I wasn’t sold on this game when the trailer came out initially. But as I see more and more of it, I can’t help but want to really get behind this game. I’m already a sucker for a good rhythm game. Couple that with some cool action, amazing visuals and art-style, and a hell of a soundtrack? Yeah, this game has my attention. It makes me sad that I have to take down EDM in favor of rock though. Maybe the game’s ending will tell us that both can exist or something cheesy. Check it out for yourselves, and if you’re on PC then there’s a demo up now on the Epic Games store.


Developer: Radical Fish Games, Deck13

Release: May 15

Platform: PC, XB1, PS4, Switch

Somehow, this game went completely over my head. Perhaps it was because this was a PC game first before it came to consoles. Whatever the reason, I’m glad it’s here for anyone to play because this game is fantastic. Do you like Zelda? Maybe a little Windjammers? Some skill trees and good dialogue? This game has it all. It’s a game about being trapped in a game and losing all your memory. All of it. You start having to learn how to talk again and go forth figuring out what happened to you and meeting other players. The premise isn’t super exciting but the gameplay and writing more than make up for it. Please give it a shot, you will not be disappointed. Just know it can be a little hard in the beginning. Stick with this though and you’ll become a monster. Just like any other MMORPG.


Developer: Phobia Game Studio

Release: July 23

Platform: PC, XB1, PS4, Swtich

Hey, do you like horror? Do you get tired of being the one who has to run from a powerful threat? Tired of looking over your shoulder or shooting at shadows? Well, hot damn do I have the game for you! Carrion turns the player into the threat, but don’t be fooled. You are far from invincible. In fact, when you start, you’re pretty squishy. But as you play and grow, you’ll become more resilient, have more ways to eviscerate people, and become the one true monster to end all monsters. Maybe not that monstrous, but you do get to do cool stuff. My personal favorite is controlling other enemies to have them kill others or be a shield. It’s a gruesome game and is full of violence. But for me? It’s cathartic and I think more people should try it out.

Hylics 2

Developer: Mason Lindroth

Release: June 22

Platform: PC

Okay. I am going to say it now. This game is not for all of you. It requires an open mind, a love for the strange and absurdist, and a Steam account. I found this game on a meme and I’ve been obsessed ever since. The first game is fine, but I’d suggest watching a playthrough. Hylics 2? No, you have to PLAY that. It looks like it should be about something strange and abstract, but you’re just out to overthrow a tyrant. The majority of the game is done through claymation and it just looks amazing. I would dare say this game asks the question, “can art be video games?” I could gush on and on about this game. The music is outstanding, the dialogue is brilliant, the visuals are something to behold, AND DID I MENTION THE MUSIC? This is my favorite game on the list and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

That’ll round out my list for this indie round up. If you enjoyed any of the games here, let me know. If you have some recommendations of your own, put them in the comments. I’m always looking for new stuff to play so I’d be happy to check out what you have.

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