Here Comes A New Challenger: Youngr

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The one-man-band himself Youngr (Dario Darnell) hails from Manchester and comes from a musical family. His father August Darnell (Kid Creole) had a huge impact on his musicality and its reflected in his genre-bending style. Mixing House, Disco, Funk, and R&B to create his own unique sound, Youngr is definitely a force in music.

His latest video Nightcrawling has that same soundscape House/Funk. I heard this song while I was the gym. (Shoutout to LA Fitness for having good music curated.)

“Nightcrawling is a very special tune to me. I wrote it with my good friend and writing partner, Tim Woodcock. I wanted to write a tune with the general message/feeling of getting through a tough time and having someone there to help you through it. Whether that is a partner, friend, family, or simply the feeling of being connected to all the other humans out there, going through the same thing. It feels as though we’re on the brink of a big change in our collective consciousness… right now seems a little dark and confusing… but I think hope is on the horizon. I can feel it coming!” Youngr x

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