Games for Povvos: Five Games that might cost less than a carton of eggs

We are currently in an economic crisis worldwide. Massive layoffs and eggs costing upwards of $10 (USD) a carton is the current reality for a lot of people. In the midst of this economic uncertainty, we try to find a little bit of happiness. But, you’re broke. You don’t have $70 USD and can’t afford a new AAA game or the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Why? Because you’re a povvo. And don’t worry about being called a povvo. We’re all povvos in this capitalist hellscape. This was inspired by popular TikToker Shabaz Says and his tiktok series “I’m rich, you’re poor.” He hilariously pokes fun at the absurdity of luxury culture. I thought it would be great to help other gamer povvos find joy in amazing games that don’t break the bank. Here’s a list of games on sale right now you can pick up for less than $10:

[Editor’s Note: These prices are based on the US/NA storefronts]

Michael’s Picks

Name: Marchen Forest
Genre: JRPG
Console: Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 4, Steam
Price: $6.99
Why you should buy this?
If you like a chill and cute JRPG with good combat and a charming artstyle, you should pick this up.

Name: Godstrike
Genre: Action, Bullet Hell, Boss Rush
Console: Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 4Xbox One, Steam
Price: $4.94
Why you should buy this?
This game is for people who enjoy bullet hell games with twin-stick controls and tough boss fights.

Anthony’s Picks

Name: Lunistice
Genre: 3D Platformer
Console: Nintendo Switch, Steam
Price: $4.99
Why you should buy this?
Lunistice is a nostalgic platformer, harkening the days of the PS1 era that’s simple, fun, and a good way to kill a couple hours.

Name: Stick Fight – The Game
Genre: Physics-based Fighting game
Console: Nintendo Switch, Steam
Price: $4.99
Why you should buy this?
Stick Fight The Game is great for getting a few people together and having a fun chaotic multiplayer session, whether it be with friends or randoms online.

Name: Gurumin
Genre: Action RPG
Console: Sony PSPNintendo 3DS, Steam
Price: $9.99 (3DS version is $14.99)
Why you should buy this?
Gurumin is a PSP game that was overlooked, but those who give it a chance will find a fairly good story, plenty of puzzles and things to collect, as well as fun combat…just ignore the voice acting.

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