First Look At the Special Dengeki Bonus 3D Crystal Altina Coming This July

Nihon Falcom announced recently they are releasing a special Legend of Heroes: Sen No Kiseki Complete Box which features Sen No Kiseki 1 – 4 and Hajimari No Kiseki together. If you order this collector’s box set through Dengeki, you’ll also receive a special 3D Crystal of Altina Orion and a 50 Mira coin.

It’s great to see Falcom is able to get some pretty creative merchandise released for The Legend of Heroes. Altina is definitely a fan favorite and her popularity garnered her the first Kotobukiya figure released for the series. The 3D Crystal looks very impressive from the short video. I hope more of these are made for other characters from the franchise.

The Legend of Heroes “Sen no Kiseki I-IV” & “Hajimari no Kiseki” Complete Box Dengeki Special Pack will be available to purchase on July 28, 2022.

Source: Hansuke

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