Final Fantasy XVI prepares for battle Summer 2023

To close out today’s State of Play, Yoshi P dropped this gargantuan trailer for Final Fantasy XVI. This trailer we get to see the HUD and UI. We also get to take a deeper look at the combat for the game. You can definitely see the DMC5 influences in the combat. But, a new key element to this from a story and gameplay prospective is the Summons or Eikon. The Eikons essentially Summons enthralled by the dominance. The Dominance seem to be Summoners and Eikon are the Summons themselves. This brings to mind Final Fantasy X’s Aeons. The Eikon actually take part in large scale Kaiju battles.

I can’t wait to get more information. Final Fantasy XVI is set for a Summer 2023 release on Playstation 5. Check out this new trailer below:

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