Chinese Developer Softstar Teams Up With NVidia for Sword and Fairy 7

In an unexpected turn of events, nVidia revealed a tech demo trailer of their next high fidelity GPU GeForce RTX using state-of-the-art Ray Tracing technology in real-time. After learning what Ray Tracing is and how that translates to video game production, this will definitely be game-changing tech.

What’s even more surprising is the partnership with Softstar Entertainment, the developers behind the terminally unplayable and visually dated Sword and Fairy 6. It was released in poor shape onto the PS4 Spring 2019 to painfully terrible reviews. With no plans to patch the game or fix any bugs, it makes sense now that they have moved on to their next installment. With the support of nVidia backing them, they may be able to compete in the AAA gaming market against RPG titans like SquareEnix or Atlus with the next installment. Hopefully we get more information soon since E3 is just around the corner. Take a look at this beautiful tech demo below:

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