BitCoin Miners Are Ruining PC Gaming Right Now

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It’s a new year and with that comes a slew of new games coming out over the next twelve months. Even more exciting is that a lot of console games are getting a PC port soon including: Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, Crackdown 3, and Dynasty Warriors 9 just to name a few. While some PC titles won’t require high performance graphics cards, many of the “AAA” games coming to PC will indeed need a powerful machine to run them at full specs. If you’re looking to upgrade your graphics cards to enjoy the splendor of PC excellence, I have some bad news for you.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency mining is the new it trend in PC culture. But what exactly is BitCoin?
Now you’re thinking, “Michael, what does this have to do with graphics cards?” Well my friend, I’ll tell you with this other handy dandy video: Now you understand how Bitcoin and Mining works. One key detail is that Graphics cards are a better way to mine Bitcoin. Thus, Bitcoin Miners have began to buy large quantities of graphics cards for their mining projects. This has caused a huge shortage in stock of graphics cards. Unfortunately for the consumer, retailers have to increase prices on graphics cards and limit the amount people can buy at a time. My favorite Tech store MicroCenter has this beauty at $1,499.99 with It’s original MSRP as of July 2017 was $799.99. IGN gave the card a 9.1 when it reviewed it last year. This has affected all graphics cards pricing. Even mid-tier cards that would cost $149 to $200 are now double that price.

This is very unsettling and it impacts PC gamers the most given that many of them will need to upgrade their hardware for the new year to play these new games. It’s uncertain when prices will fall but in the meantime, you might want to invest in a console if you can’t afford a new graphics card.

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  1. Bitcoins are made by solving math problems? WTF. That makes even less sense than how the government issues real money. If GPUs get faster and faster, then eventually so many problems will be solved that the currency inflates and completely collapses onto itself. Which seems inevitable. Unless whoever is at the helm of bitcoin decided to lessen the amount of solvable equations. At which point it's all a completely arbitrary currency depending in the whims of who owns the underlying source code. Sounds dangerous.

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