Arika Releases 2019 Update Schedule For Fighting EX Layer

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Arika uploaded a new video showing off-screen gameplay footage of Sharon who will be most likely be the next character added to the game. Also, they outlined their next updates to the Fighting EX Layer as follows:
January : Arcade ver. tweaks and fixes. Minor adjustments
February : New update patch and new music added.
March : Free DLC Character (probably Sharon)
April/May : Free DLC Character (possibly Area) and Paid DLC Character (Most Likely Terry)

FIGHTING EX LAYER Schedule until the end of May 2019

【FIGHTING EX LAYER Schedule until the end of May 2019】 FIGHTING EX LAYER 2019年5月末までの予定 We are going to inform you about the additional characters. 今後の追加キャラクターについてご説明させていただきます。 3 additional characters are planned to be released: planning to release 2 characters for Free, 1 character for Non-Free.

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