2XKO Set to Release in 2025 for Console and PC

Riot Games recently announced the official name for Project L: 2XKO. Is it 2 times KO or 2X KO? Either way, the name isn’t great. While some may find the name a bit awkward to pronounce, it certainly stands out and will help differentiate the game from other titles in the fighting game genre. Despite its simplicity, 2XKO is now the official moniker for the highly anticipated project, as reflected across all of Riot Games’ official social media channels. As fans eagerly await further updates, including a potential release date, the unveiling of the official name marks an exciting step forward in the development of this upcoming title.

Exciting developments are underway for 2XKO as the development team expands, signaling a significant ramp-up in the game’s progress. With a growing team in place, the focus shifts towards community involvement, as developers actively seek feedback from the fighting game community to ensure the game’s evolution is community-driven.

In a bid to engage with players globally, 2XKO plans to unveil a playable demo at Evo Japan in April, offering enthusiasts a firsthand experience of the game’s mechanics and features. Additionally, the team is committed to transparency, sharing development plans online to solicit input from players, prioritizing a community-first approach to refine 2XKO into the best possible game upon launch and beyond.

Set to launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and X, and PC in 2025, 2XKO aims to deliver a thrilling gaming experience that resonates with players worldwide. With a dedicated team and a commitment to community feedback, anticipation for 2XKO continues to soar as it gears up for its highly anticipated debut.

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