Who Are the Top Ranking Black Super Heroes in the Marvel Universe?

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The Marvel Universe is filled so many different characters. It’s hard to sometimes quantify who is the best. There are so many different variables and measures that can be used. However, Marvel Entertainment has taken out the guess work by making definitive, canonical and irrefutable lists of the Top 10 best in different categories. I’ve decided to pick out the best Black Superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Take a look below:

Marvel’s Top 10 Smartest Super Heroes

No. 10 Black Panther/ T’Challa
No. 7 RiRi Willaims/ Iron Heart
No. 1 Lunella Lafayette

Marvel’s Top 10 Fastest Super Heroes

No. 4 Monica Rambeau/ Spectrum

Marvel’s Top 10 Strongest Super Heroes

No. 10 Adam Brashear/ Blue Marvel

Marvel’s Top 10 Most Powerful Magicians

No. 5 Doctor Voodoo

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