Troy Baker partners with Voiceverse NFT who steals content

Troy Baker has gotten into NFTs and his involvement is an indication that this scam may not be going away any time soon. 

Did you know that NFTs are so power intensive that the trading of them has raised energy prices in some states? That’s wild to think about. This art trading scam, which is so fragile it could fall apart any day now from people just believing that it doesn’t hold value, has almost immediate consequences that affect thousands of people. I just thought that was worth sharing. Anyway, Troy Baker has gotten into NFTs and his involvement is an indication that this scam may not be going away any time soon. 

Mind you, he is far from the first voice actor to promote NFTs. Tara Strong, one of the best voice actresses of our time, also got into the NFT game by promoting a movie funded by “environmentally friendly” NFTs. How are they environmentally friendly? No one knows. Why is Troy Baker getting into the game such a big deal? Well, it’s less about his involvement and more about how arrogant he was about it. See, Troy has a history of being a good voice actor and a bit of a douchebag. Remember Last Of Us 2? Sure you do. There was a lot of discourse around that game, but Troy? Troy basically said that if you’ve never created anything or if you didn’t work on that game, then you don’t get to criticize it. Always a good stance to take. But Troy was Joel! He did the good voice, so people overlooked it. 

This time, the internet tore him apart. The court of public opinion has already deemed NFTs to be pointless and basically a scam. However, they persist because of people like Troy and Tara who continue to give them value. So when celebrities talk about getting into them, the internet responds with their disappointment. Troy, clearly seeing this, decided to throw gas on the fire with one of the dumbest lines he’s ever said. “You can hate, or you can create.” Who knew 7 words could carry such a smug and arrogant attitude behind them? Must be another of Troy’s talents. 

Now, Troy wouldn’t be a part of any pedestrian NFT scheme like the Bored Ape Yacht Club. No, Troy decided to go with Voiceverse NFT. As the name suggests, they use voice NFTs. How does that work? Well, dear reader, Voiceverse NFT takes one of their totally not computer generated “drawings” and puts a voice clip on it. One you’ve probably heard before. Imagine! You can own a voice line from a game Troy Baker did! Or you can have an AI generated voice over of Troy Baker in your game or project for a fee. This would eliminate the need for human voice actors if bigger names just licensed their voice-likeness as an NFT. The more I research that, the more irritated it makes me. But hey, according to Troy, I’m “hating and not creating.” But imagine being a top-billed voice actor and partnering with a service that could potentially put a lot of fellow voice actors out of work.

In what has to be his most unpopular tweet to date, Troy Baker was rightfully destroyed by his fans and followers. After seeing such backlash, surely he went back and had an epiphany that led him to not do this idiotic nonsense, right? Well…he apologized for being antagonistic and said he wants to be a part of the conversation. As Troy tries to appeal to his fans, it’s quickly revealed that Voiceverse is promoting other people’s work that they’ve stolen. This is just another common thing with NFTs. They can just steal art and sell it. It’s uncomfortably common, and you’d think it’d be enough to call these scams what they are. But as far as we know, Troy hasn’t budged. I’d be surprised if he did, honestly. Doing so would be admitting he was wrong and…I don’t have confidence in him doing that more than he has to.

Where does that leave us at this point with NFTs? They’re commonly unpopular. They harm the environment, except for Tara Strong’s apparently. They steal art from smaller creators and sell them off, only ceasing once they’re caught. Even then, some are bold enough to keep selling said stolen art. Video game companies, voice actors, and various other celebrities are doing their best to get their hands into this mess before the bubble bursts. But if you take nothing else away from these NFT stories, remember this. They only have value because these people keep giving them value. So long as these big names keep putting money into this idiotic idea and telling people like us that they’re valuable, the scam continues. So continue to push back and shun these people who prove to us all that they want to make a quick buck at any cost. I’ve been proud of the internet’s response to NFTs lately. Let’s keep that up and maybe we’ll see the end of this grift sooner than later.

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