Tripwire Interactive President Supports Texas Abortion Law

Tripwire Interactive is best known for their Killing Floor and Chivalry series, isn’t known for making political statements or making very public stances. But as John Gibson so “eloquently” put, he couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer on such an important moment in American history. Peep his tweet below:

Sometimes it’s hard to separate the art from the company or in this case the President of the company. In recent years, people have bastardized “Cancel Culture” to a point that is has become just a meme. While I personally don’t agree with his stance or politics, he is entitled to this position. I do want to point out that his company has very few black and brown employed and even fewer women. Usually, companies that lack diversity tend to side with more conservative and outdated worldviews. I’m not surprised that John Gibson is Pro-life. I’m not even surprised he felt emboldened to express his politics for public consumption. The last two years have desensitized (traumatized) me so much that everything is fair game at this point.

The question I want to leave you with is: Will this new omission inform your decision about buying games from Tripwire Interactive in the future?

If you’re unfamiliar with this new law, check out this handy dandy video below:

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