Tifa Lockhart Somersaults into Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT

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SquareEnix just uploaded the reveal trailer for everyone’s favorite freedom fighter Tifa Lockhart. Its better late than never I suppose. I think this would have been better to show during the Final Fantasy VII Remake presentation at E3 but I digress. Still, there’s plenty of lip service about Tifa’s breast size that it has become a legit talking point and news item. Her model in Dissidia has similiar proportions to her Remake version.

I’m sure the vocal opposition will cry “SJWS RUIN EVERYTHING!” across the web. Regardless, Tifa looks incredible in Dissidia NT and it might just make me play this game again. Tifa Lockhart will impact Dissidia Final Fantasy NT July 3. Check out her reveal trailer below:

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