The Final Arc of Bleach Comes October 2022

Tite Kubo has finally decided to formally conclude the epic saga of Bleach. It was unclear if this arc would be adapted into an anime series. However, given this is the 20th Anniversary of Bleach, it seemed only fitting to celebrate this occasion with such a huge announcement. A new trailer has been released announcing the final story arc 1,000 Years War:

The final Story Arc of the series, set up as the culmination of the Myth Arc and the Grand Finale. This marks the return of the Quincies, debuting as members of the Vandenreich and followers of Emperor Yhwach. They make their appearance known by conquering Hueco Mundo and launching an assault on the Seireitei, setting up the second War Arc of the series.


I’m very excited to see the conclusion of this incredible (and sometimes confusing) story. Now that Bleach is officially over, hopefully Tite Kubo can work on some new projects. I personally enjoyed Burn the Witch. I think that would be a great story to expand on in the future.

The anime will officially premiere October 2022. Check out the brand new trailer below:

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