Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct Round-Up

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Today has been amazing in the world of Smash Bros. During today’s Nintendo Direct, we got a huge helping of Super Smash Bros Ultimate news and tidbits. There’s plenty of new playable characters (Chrom, Simon and more), new stages, modes and other info about the game. There’s going to be a special edition (Only EU as of right now) that comes with a Gamecube controller, adapter and the game. No word yet on a price but we’ll probably get that information sometime soon.

I am super excited to see Chrom in the game. Though he’s an Echo fighter, he’s more of a combination of Marth, Ike and Roy. I’m happy that he’ll be somewhat unique and not a complete clone.
Chrom & Dark Samus in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – REVEAL TRAILER
The long-awaited Simon and Richter Belmont will be in the game as well. It’s been a heavily requested character for both of them.
Simon Belmont AND Richter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – REVEAL TRAILERS 66: Simon – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 66ᵋ: Richter – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Rivals – Nintendo Switch Nintendo of Europe on Twitter Check out the full Nintendo Direct here: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct – 08.08.2018

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