Sonic the Hedgehog Live Action Trailer Is Here

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Paramount Pictures and Sega released the long-awaited debut trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog live action feature film. From the bit we got from the trailer, they shoehorned James Marsden into the movie for reasons unknown as some useless cop. Jim Carrey‘s take on Dr. Robotnik is going to have to grow on me. However being he’s a comedy mastermind I think he’ll bring something new to the character.

While most of the internet will be birating and meme’ing this version of Sonic to holy hell, I didn’t find it offensive. The redesign is a little heavy handed but once he’s talking and moving I forget about how off he looks. Its very similar to Battle Angel Alita’s eyes were jarring at first but then grew on me as the movie went on. I’ll keep an open mind until I see the film. I’m cautiously optimistic. Fingers Crossed. Check out the trailer below and decide for yourself:

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