Riot Games Teases New Fighting Game ‘Project L’

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Remember a few months back, Mr Cannon of Radiant Studios dropped a nugget about the upcoming fighting game they were working on with Riot Games. He referenced his previous work Rising Thunder which lowered the execution barriers that most fighting games have by having simple one button special moves mapped to a hotkey that would have cooldowns. This concept of cooldowns was later implemented into the upcoming fighter Granblue Fantasy Versus. Simple inputs were also adopted in the indie fighter Power Ranger: Battle For The Grid.

It seems the genre is changing and the expansion of fighting games seems to be by way of lower execution to appeal to a wider audience. Codename “Project L” might implement those same concepts to make their fighting game accessible to all players. Not to mention, the netcode should be exceptional as I’m confident they will use GGPO. The teaser shows a hint at what the game will look like once its ready for public consumption. Will it be Free-to-Play or a typical commercial release with a hefty price tag? Will it feature crossplay? So many questions swirling. Check out the newest footage below:

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