Rhythm Fighter God of Rock Strums Onto Console and PC Spring 2023

Modus Games releases a new trailer for their upcoming 2.5D Rhythm Fighter God of Rock. This overview trailer dives into the mechanics and finer points of battle. Essentially each note or beat you press at the right time corresponds with a normal attack. And in Rhythm game fashion, you rack up combos with how many buttons you pressed at the right time in a row. You can also activate special and super moves with common fighting game inputs like quarter circles or charge motions. The super moves also come with unique ways to sabotage your opponents ability to input commands. Your special attacks are on a cool down as well. It’s a very interesting system.

God of Rock will feature 12 playable characters at launch. Many fighting game archetypes will be featured like mixup, rushdown, grappler, trap and rekka characters.

God of Rock will arrive on Console and PC April 18, 2022. Check out the new trailer below:

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