Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid Season 3 Teased

nWay released new a new teaser trailer for the upcoming season 3 for Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid. One of the three characters have yet to be revealed however it’s pretty apparent that it’s Scorpina from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Check out the trailer below:

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 3 is coming. This Season pass will include three new characters (Robert “RJ” James, Lauren Shiba, and a to-be-revealed character), a new character skin (Phantom Beast King skin for Dai Shi), and a new Ultra (Samurai Megazord). New Season 3 content will be rolled out over several months.

The first release, which will be available towards the end of June, will include RJ, Dai Shi skin, and Samurai Megazord. Follow Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on social media for announcements on additional Season 3 content release dates.


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