Nintendo Switch May Have More Capacity Than You Think

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One of the more controversial topics about the Nintendo Switch has been its capacity. Following the trend of the Wii and Wii U, the Nintendo Switch has opted for smaller internal memory while offering more capacity via Micro SD. At announcement, it was said that the largest capacity Switch would be 32 GB, but that may not be the case.

Originally discovered by Eurogamer, an accidentally uploaded trailer from Portugal shows some bizarre editing showed off the dev options for the Switch. In an unedited screen, it was shown that this particular Switch held about 64 GB of capacity.

In case the video gets taken down, here’s the screenshot.

The video itself was hard to track down, as the Portugal Nintendo site deleted it and has deleted almost every re-upload of it since. It’s worth watching for the odd editing alone, but it also gives us some sort of hope that a larger capacity Switch is a possibility. But then, why hide it? Could it be some sort of “deluxe” Switch down the line? 
What do you guys think? Could this all be just speculation? Could Nintendo be changing systems in response to fan feed back? Let us know what you all think.

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