Newcomer Nagoriyuki & Leo Whitefang Reveal Trailers for Guilty Gear Strive

During the livestream for the Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable, Arc System Works released their latest trailer for Guilty Gear Strive which revealed Guilty Gear Xrd newcomer Leo Whitefang. Definitely an unexpected choice, but very welcomed. His new design is much more casual. Not too many changes to his gameplay, but we’ll have to get hands-on play to see how he’s changed since his last iteration.

The main event was the mysterious black character that was teased last year during Evo 2019 whose name was revealed to be Nagoriyuki. This samurai character has a lot of big moves and insanely huge normals. He seems to have some kind of blood mechanic that he infuses into his sword. He reminds me of Hakumen from Blazblue. Check out the brand new trailer below:

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