Mega-Man-esque Indie title Protodroid DeLTA Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign

Are you like me and love Mega Man X? Well, it looks like there may be a game out there that’ll scratch the itch of people waiting for Mega Man X9. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called Protodroid DeLTA, a 3D Mega Man X-esque game set in a “solarpunk” universe. It seems like solarpunk is like a cyberpunk with more solar panels, but either way, it looks interesting.

From what I gather, “protodroids” seem to be the main force upholding the law against gang leaders. One of them seems compassionate and the other seems to think that if they’re evil then kill ’em. As far as the gameplay, it’s very Mega Man. Jump, shoot, and upgrades seem to be the name of the game. However, I have a couple of concerns: the frame rate and the 3D platforming.

It’s clearly a rough draft because of the frame rate, but I’m sure it’ll run smoother as the game nears completion. My more notable concern is with the camera and the platforming. Will they be cooperative? Will it work well? So far, I haven’t seen anything that makes me doubt them, so my worries may be unfounded in the final product. For now, I look forward to what that game has to offer. Their Kickstarter is up now if you’d like to support it or see it for yourself.

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