Kolin Revealed: The Coolest Character Yet

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So Capcom has FINALLY revealed the second DLC character for SFV and, as several people suspected, it is Gill’s faithful secretary Kolin.

She’d been teased at forever and we thought we would have to wait till Lupe’s party to get any gameplay or information, but it seems they couldn’t wait and we’re better for it. Kolin looks to be a close/mid character with counters and a few follow ups to her hand slashing attack. She also seems to have a sliding attack as well as an aerial projectile that grants her a pretty decent mix-up and double jump.

What’s most interesting (to me) is her V-Trigger which seems to be some projectile that freezes an opponent in place. I can see that being pretty disgusting. A free combo/set up/Critical Art? Kolin may come out being a pretty top tier character.

But what do you guys think? Check out the trailer and let us know.

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