Ivy & Zasalamel Join Soul Calibur 6

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To say “For the Culture” wasn’t more evident during this Black History Month, NamcoBandai just revealed Ivy and Brother Zasalamel for Soul Calibur 6.

Ivy looks great in her younger form in this iteration. Her Critical Finish or whatever the name of the super moves are called looks like Summon Suffering. Her moveset has definitely gotten some new tweaks too.

Zasalamel looks incredible in his redesign. Just from the short trailer, he looks similar to his Soul Calibur 4 version in terms of moveset. He looks so damn good. I am joyous and happy to see him return. He was sorely missed in the last game. I can’t wait for this game to get released.

Check out the new trailer below:

Soul Calibur VI | Ivy and Zasalamel Reveal | PS4

Welcome Ivy Valentine and Zasalamel to the stage of history.

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