#IndieSpotlight: #TriggerWitch

Have you ever seen a game that’s just…so outlandishly mindless that you know it’s gonna be a masterpiece? You know there’s no deep meaning, existential crisis, and no one to really save. It’s just dumb to a point of mind numbing. But it’s okay because you know it’s gonna be good. Well, for me, that’s Trigger Witch

At first glance, you’ll see another game riding off the Zelda look. You know the one. But the premise is where it hooked me. You will explore an open world where magic is outdated and guns are the future. You’ll play as Colette, a graduate from the school of witchcraft and “triggery.” Which, if the trailer is any indication, means she’s got some damn good aim. 

Speaking of the trailer, wow is it bloody. It makes sense, but it’s rare for a game not made by Devolver Digital to be so graphic and in your face. The final thing to note is that it’ll be a twin stick shooter, a genre I’m happy to see after all these roguelites and metroidvanias. There was no release date yet from what I could find, but it will be out for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

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