#IndieSpotlight: Ragnarock

I’m not sure if I’ve gone on record about VR, but I think it’s a market that has a lot of potential to grow. I don’t think it’s realized even a quarter of what it’s capable of, but I do think VR is beyond a gimmick. It can’t be so easily written off anymore, as games like Beat Saber or Half Life Alyx have shown us. VR is here and it’ll only get better. Which is good for ME since that means we’ll get more rhythm games that are immersive and involve more than just some button presses. Enter, Ragnarock.

Published and developed by Wanadev Studio, Ragnarock is a VR rhythm game where you play to the beat to encourage the vikings on your boat to victory against opposing boats. Somehow they’ve combined racing and rhythm, from what I’ve seen, it works. More importantly, this soundtrack is awesome! They found the perfect blend of orchestral and modern touches, but still gives you that Viking feel. If you were the drummer when you played Rock Band (like me), then this may be the natural progression for you. Or if you like vikings, racing, and commanding people to the sound of your drum.

It’s currently available now on Oculus and Steam for $24.99. Go ahead, treat yourself.

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