#IndieSpotlight: #Necromunda – Hired Gun

One of the common criticisms of the indie market is that it’s over-saturated with same pixel art style or same genres. It’s incredibly easy to go and find a pixel art roguelike, metroidvania, and so on. What’s rare is an indie game that looks closer to AAA quality and is a first person shooter. I’ve seen a few here and there, but then there’s Necromunda: Hired Gun

In this game, you’re a bounty hunter out to kill, collect info, and make some cash. It looks like a looter shooter, which is fine by me. The problem I’ve had with looter shooters lately is the online aspect, so without it I’m fine with the concept. Of course, a looter shooter is only as good as its loot, and these guns look amazing! This world and game look amazing really. If I was told Id Software did this, I’d believe it. But these are from the good people of Streum On Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive

There’s a ton in these trailers to get excited over. From the visuals, the visceral world they’ve created, people, and creatures you have to fight. I’m excited about this game and I think once you’ve seen the trailer, you’ll understand. Check out the trailer and see if that changes your mind. If it does, it’ll be out for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC June 1st.

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