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What is Bethesda doing? Do they think people are gonna play a monthly fee to play more Fallout 76? Everyone assumed they’d go free-to-play at some point, but not only have they NOT done that, they went and charged for private servers, emotes, monthly premium currency, etc. Well, I guess that’s the industry at large. Thankfully, there are still plenty of games you can turn to when you’re sick of the AAA industry’s brand of money grubbing garbage.

Hollow Knight: Silksong
Release: TBA
Platforms: Switch, PC

Is this cheating? It’s probably cheating. But EGX London brought it up so it gives me a chance to once again talk about one of my favorite games, Hollow Knight. You’ve often heard me tell you all to play it, and with the sequel looking to up the ante, I say there’s no time like the present. Thanks to EGX London, we’ve gotten to see more of the game, what Hornet can do, and what the game will generally look like. Of course, it’ll keep the same art style that made it stand out, but the interesting thing is how different Hornet is. She’s much more mobile and agile than the little guy in the last game. Which probably means platforming will be an even bigger focus. Didn’t think that’d be possible. But it’s coming some time next year, plenty of time for you to PLAY HOLLOW KNIGHT.

Yes, Your Grace
Release: TBA
Platforms: PC, Switch, XB1

So, I’m not big on resource management games like Civilization or Age of Empires. I find them kinda meh and a tad boring. That said, this one caught my eye. Maybe it’s because of the art style? It IS in that 8-bit pixel style I like a lot. Or perhaps it’s the range of actions you can take for your kingdom as you try to please your people, fight the wars, and keep up your own status while also dealing with those seeking to tear you down. This sounds amazing to me. It sounds like the right amount of a power trip for me. Of course, I’d be a horrible leader but if a game can make my terrible decisions fun, I’m down to play it. I mean, who doesn’t want to be an asshole of a king? I know I do.

Death Trash
Release TBA
Platforms: PC, Switch, PS4, XB1

I’ve only really heard about this in research for article, but looking at this trailer again and again had me kind of into it. The premise seems to be Fallout, but make it punk. And gross. And weird. I can get behind that. Of course, it goes with that pixel art style, but I really like it here. The environments look good, the larger models look nice, and the style conveys how gritty and gross this world is. This game seems to give you more of that free will, letting you befriend everyone or kill everyone. This design seems to be cropping up more and more, and some complain that it’s lazy to do that instead of linear storytelling. But I love to be given this choice. As a person who loves villains more than heroes, give me the choice to be the bag guy! And wow, you can be a hell of a bad guy here. Keep your eye on it.

Skybolt Zach
Release: October 24
Platforms: PC, Switch

As you can see, this comes out today. And this is a game that looks visually busy but still fun. It’s an action platformer and most action takes place with you zooming through enemies. However, there’s some color matching component to that where you have the match the color of your attack to the color of your enemy to continue your combos and presumably not die. It’s interesting battle system that kinda makes you go “that’s so indie” and looks fun enough to want to try. As for the story, it’s standard fare; evil scientist is evil science-ing and you need to destroy robots to stop the evil science. From what I can tell, this also has a demo. So if you’re on the fence, you can give this a try before dropping money because our economy is trash and no one wants to buy a bad game. Though, I think this is a fun time. It just may not be for everyone.

Got an indie game you’re interested in? Let us know in the comments as I’m always looking for suggestions on games to play. If you got a good one, tweet us or comment on here or Facebook.

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